23 November 2012

What do you use?


Just a quick post to ask anyone who is reading this a little question. I am in need of a new moisuriser that actually moisturises my skin, I've been using the Simple light moisturiser (I have sensitive skin) and now my skin has sort of become immune to it so I need a new one! Any recommendations???

Plus I need a new exfoliator that doesn't make my face sore and bright red! hahahaa

Thank youuuuu

19 November 2012

Review | Maybelline Vs Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners

Oh heyyyy! 
Just a little review to show you all my thoughts on both the Maybelline (black) and Bobbi Brown (black ink) gel eye liners because I know some people who don't know whether it is worth the money to move from Maybelline to Bobbi Brown 

The price difference of these two products isn't too extensive, the Maybelline is £7.99 at Boots and on the Bobbi Brown website/Debenhams for the Bobbi Brown eyeliner it's £17.00. However the Maybelliene one does come with a brush which - in my opinion - is a great brush for what you pay for. I actually still use it at times to apply either the Maybelline or Bobbi Brown.

The swatches below show the Maybelline on the top and the Bobbi Brown on the bottom.
As you can see the BB has a higher pigmentation and glides evenly (I used the same brush for both swatches) where as the M is a bit blotchy which means you need to use more product to get the desired result you want. So I believe you get more for your money if you buy the BB eyeliner.

Staying power is essential when buying an eyeliner and I have to say both of them are very very good. However the Maybelline goes a little faded over the time where as the BB doesn't, also the M sometimes drys a little clumpy where as the BB drys smooth.

Overall I would say it depends what kind of budget you are on or if you are new to gel eyeliner. If you are new to gel eyeliner then I would defiantly recommend you buy the Maybelline because it isn't too much money and it comes with a brush. But if you already have the Maybelline and want to try something new then I would 100% recommend the Bobbi Brown because it is worth the money and is better than the Maybelline one.

Bethan xxx

17 November 2012

Review | V05 serum & oomph powder

Howdy partner!
I don't know why but since I recently had my hair cut my hair has been more prone to flyways and frizz :( so I thought i'd try out these as they were on offer at Boots (any 2 V05 products for £5).

I have mixed feelings about these products, but I've only been using them for a week so my feelings towards them may change. I like the fact that the serum is also a heat protector, so it is a very good product to use before you blow dry, I also use it as a finishing touch. You only need a little bit though otherwise it'll make your hair greasy.

All the reviews about the oomph powder that I have read seemed to be positive towards the product. Even though it does do the job and give my hair more volume, it leaves a weird texture on my hair.  didn't know it was possible to make my hair dry/sticky/greasy at the same time.

Anyway time for the before and after shots



If i was to recommend to you which of these two products to use i's suggest you use the serum as it made my hair shiny and silky smooth, with no flyways!

I hoped you all likey!
Bethan xxx

15 November 2012

Beauty back in time | 1930's

Oh hey there sassies!
Another series here for you, I'll be doing looks from the 1930's to the 1970's wooohooo!

This is how I achieved this look: 

Marlene Dietrich 

Face - Prime your skin, add a foundation that matches your skin, or go for one a little lighter, conceal areas of redness and dust a light powder on top. Add a little bit of bronzer to your contour area and a little pink toned blush to your apples.

Lips - Use a lip pencil to curve the arch of your cupid's bow area more than it is already. Then cover up your lip liner with a lighter, softer red.

Eyes - Prime your eyes and cover the lid and below the brow bone with a gold/champagne colour. Then stroke a neutral brown colour eyeshadow slightly above the lid in the socket, but don't blend too high up to the brow bone because you want to keep a "drowsy eyed" look. Brush a little (gel) eyeliner above the top line of lashes and finish with a lengthening mascara.    

Hope you enjoyed! Bethan xxx

14 November 2012

Personal | Grinning like an idiot

Sorry I just had to let it out but I'VE GOT AN OFFER FROM A UNIVERSITY. 
It just feels so good to actually be acknowledged for once and it actually makes me feel clever! (I never feel clever). 
So yeah I've got my first (conditional) offer from Liverpool University, not my first choice but hey ho :D

Here's my accepted happy face.

Bethan xxxx

13 November 2012

Bargain | Cheap Essie nail polishes?!

Oh hai there partner!

Like most of you lovely bloggers I absolutely LOVE Essie nail polishes, but personally I don't think they are worth it for £8.99. Thus my hunt for cheap Essie polishes began!

I was so surprised to find these neon - like nail polishes (Lights is the pink colour and Action is the bright orange) for ...... drum roll please .... £1.99 each!!!! So that's a saving £6! 

"But where can I get these from?!" I hear you ask. I found these here at Fragrance Direct, so off you go my pretties, go buy cheap Essie nail varnish! (p&p is cheap too for second class delivery in the UK it's only £1.99 too)

So where's the catch? The only real catch is that they don't stock many colours as I would have liked, it also seems like their Essie stock fluctuates during the week, so If you go on the website and there are only 3 polishes there may be 10 next week.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! (and my extensive use of  exclamation marks)

Bethan xxx


11 November 2012

Favorites | My top 3 Collection (2000) products

Oh hey!

I was stumped about what I was going to blog about today, then I came to the conclusion that i'll do a series of beauty products that I like from different brands! 

So this post will be focusing on my top 3 Collection products (Collection 2000).


I would defiantly recommend this pressed powder if you like a light powder coverage just to pop on top of a foundation to set it in place. It isn't very heavy coverage so I wouldn't recommend this if you use a powder instead of a foundation. 


As the title suggests this really is "lasting perfection" it claims to have 18 hour wear but with my oily skin it usually lasts about 6 hours, which is good enough for me! It is also of a thick consistency which means it's not only great for blemishes but it's great for under-eye circles too! 


Like most of you I ONLY buy black mascaras, I just don't see how a blue mascara can flatter your eyes and have the potential to look natural? (well...unless it's for fancy dress).
Anyway I prefer lengthening mascara to thickening ones, purely because I don't like the clumpy bits from thickening mascaras. 
I also have a preference on the wand type too like everyone else, I prefer a plastic wand to a bristle one for the reason that I also find that plastic wand don't tend to clump lashes as much.
This mascara has a short side and a long side (as you can see by the picture), the long side covers all your lashes and lengthens and the shorter side helps thicken your roots. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Bethan xxxx

10 November 2012

Where else I am on the internet...

Howdy there partner!

Just a short post with all linky bits to show y'all where else I am on the internet (most places). I follow back on most sites too because I'm nosy!

twitter - https://twitter.com/beffun_ (for all my witty life updates)

facebook - http://www.facebook.com/BethanGoodhead (just me..yanooo)

tumblr - http://illuminatethesilhouette.tumblr.com/  (I mainly reblog fashiony/vougue pictures and cats)

pintrest - http://pinterest.com/beffun/  (I have a few pinboards that you can browse, I am fairly new to this site though)

Ta babycakes xxxx

8 November 2012

Hair update | Fringe!

Howdy there partner!

So I don't know if you knew of my previous hair 'situation' but I basically had no idea what to do with it. I really wanted it ombred but I have dyed hair and if I put bleach on it it would go VERY orange (and I don't want half orange, half brown hair). So instead I decided to rewind back to my youth and get a fringe yayyyyy!

Just encase you have no idea what my hair looked like before i'll leave a before/after picture so you can see :D (s'all snaz over here!)



I hope you all likey! Bethan xxxx

7 November 2012

Update | Autumn colours

Howdy partner!

Time for a little update I thinks, recently I've been into the whole "panic! winter is coming! buy loads of clothes!" fiasco. But last weekend I was forced to go on fieldwork in a freezing cold river for 5 hours, so to cheer myself up I took some photos of the lovely colours of autumn (everyone likes looking at coloured leaves, just wait until the blossom comes back, I'll have a field day!)

Lovely picture of my in sassy waders.
How beautiful is this!

Bethan xxxx

I know i'm not posting much but I have my reasons...

Howdy partner!

So I really haven't been on my blog much recently, but as per usual I've just got way too much school work on my plate. If you didn't know I am in the process of doing 3 A2 levels, I'm completing my Geography, English Language and Psychology so I can hopefully go to university to do Geography (hopefully I'll turn out like Fleur De Force).

Anyway I'm just not really feeling motivated to write on here plainly for the reason that I feel that nobody is really looking at my blog and encouraging me to go further with it. Hopefully sometime soon i'll get my motivation back :)

I new post will be up very shortly!

Bethan xxxx