8 July 2013

Review | New MaxFactor Wild Mega Lash Mascara

I must say this is the best mascara I have tried so far! I'm so glad I picked it up at the checkout in Superdrug, I almost always buy things when the man/woman at the checkout says "are you interested in buying..." otherwise I feel guilty.
I was a little skeptical at first when I put this on my lashes, because I'm not a fan of a big brush, because I have no hand-eye co-ordination, so sometimes these sort of products end up all over my face! But success! It didn't go all over my face and it ended up on my lashes. Furthermore this product did deliver in terms of length and no clumps (yesss finally a mascara which doesn't clump!) and I've also found that it doesn't flake off throughout the day as much as my other mascaras. I love this kind of wand which is curved (like an hourglass) so it adds more product on your inner and outer lashes, this makes the eye appear much wider than it actually is. However one thing that has been bugging me about this mascara is that it is a mascara aimed at adding volume to your lashes, I don't think that it really delivers in this aspect, personally I would say that this mascara lengthens more than adding volume. Saying that I do actually prefer mascaras that lengthen (because my lashes aren't the longest in the world), but when I do want my lashes to appear thicker I add some Rimmel Day 2 Night over the top.

Beth xxx