18 May 2014

YouTube. The site that keeps growing.

Pretty sure that we all remember when the video sharing site YouTube was released in 2005. When it did, it’s prior function was to look at funny videos of cats and a child biting his brother’s finger. Which it is pretty much still like now to some viewers; mainly the older generation. But to the younger generation it is seen of more of an information source and a reality TV series, anything can be found on it. From make-up tutorials to D.I.Y furnishings to cooking channels.
In only 9 years YouTube has developed and improved way beyond what people originally thought it would be. It is now seen as more of a community, where “YouTubers” make content for their audience and make friends with other Youtubers. Examples of these uploaders (whos videos I enjoy most) are DanIsNotOnFire, AmazingPhil, CharlieIsSoCoolLike, EmmaBlackery, SprinkleOfGlitter and Zoella. These people who started out simply saying their thoughts into their old family camcorder, now use top range DSLRs with soft box lights and microphones in order to deliver the best quality to there audience (audiences could be up to 5,000,000).
Google is now seen as these YouTuber’s employer, depending on how many subscribers and views these people get they can earn some serious money and use YouTube as their full time job! Even more money if companies such as Nike or Benefit ask YouTubers to review or promote one of their products. Even people have got jobs because of posting videos on the site, for example DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil are now radio presenters every Sunday for BBC Radio 1 and Jim Chapman is now a presenter for the new TV series “Viral Tap”.
Great so when can I get started? Well the bad thing about YouTube now is that the people who watch videos and subscribe to people’s channels are getting more picky. Because back in the day you could set out with a poor quality camera and nobody would batter an eyelid. However now, people are more used to seeing high quality videos and therefore want to see more of that. It is very hard to break into YouTube unless you possess all of this amazing equipment, without even been given the security that you will actually get viewers and subscribers.
The main question on both viewers and Youtubers lips are “is YouTube ever going to fizzle out?”, we all know social media sites like MySpace and Bebo that lasted for a few years and soon died out as people moved to new social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. However, my opinion of YouTube is that as long as technology continues to improve (such as cameras) then YouTube is going to improve. Who knows where YouTube will stand in 5 years time.