18 May 2014

YouTube. The site that keeps growing.

Pretty sure that we all remember when the video sharing site YouTube was released in 2005. When it did, it’s prior function was to look at funny videos of cats and a child biting his brother’s finger. Which it is pretty much still like now to some viewers; mainly the older generation. But to the younger generation it is seen of more of an information source and a reality TV series, anything can be found on it. From make-up tutorials to D.I.Y furnishings to cooking channels.
In only 9 years YouTube has developed and improved way beyond what people originally thought it would be. It is now seen as more of a community, where “YouTubers” make content for their audience and make friends with other Youtubers. Examples of these uploaders (whos videos I enjoy most) are DanIsNotOnFire, AmazingPhil, CharlieIsSoCoolLike, EmmaBlackery, SprinkleOfGlitter and Zoella. These people who started out simply saying their thoughts into their old family camcorder, now use top range DSLRs with soft box lights and microphones in order to deliver the best quality to there audience (audiences could be up to 5,000,000).
Google is now seen as these YouTuber’s employer, depending on how many subscribers and views these people get they can earn some serious money and use YouTube as their full time job! Even more money if companies such as Nike or Benefit ask YouTubers to review or promote one of their products. Even people have got jobs because of posting videos on the site, for example DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil are now radio presenters every Sunday for BBC Radio 1 and Jim Chapman is now a presenter for the new TV series “Viral Tap”.
Great so when can I get started? Well the bad thing about YouTube now is that the people who watch videos and subscribe to people’s channels are getting more picky. Because back in the day you could set out with a poor quality camera and nobody would batter an eyelid. However now, people are more used to seeing high quality videos and therefore want to see more of that. It is very hard to break into YouTube unless you possess all of this amazing equipment, without even been given the security that you will actually get viewers and subscribers.
The main question on both viewers and Youtubers lips are “is YouTube ever going to fizzle out?”, we all know social media sites like MySpace and Bebo that lasted for a few years and soon died out as people moved to new social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. However, my opinion of YouTube is that as long as technology continues to improve (such as cameras) then YouTube is going to improve. Who knows where YouTube will stand in 5 years time.

8 July 2013

Review | New MaxFactor Wild Mega Lash Mascara

I must say this is the best mascara I have tried so far! I'm so glad I picked it up at the checkout in Superdrug, I almost always buy things when the man/woman at the checkout says "are you interested in buying..." otherwise I feel guilty.
I was a little skeptical at first when I put this on my lashes, because I'm not a fan of a big brush, because I have no hand-eye co-ordination, so sometimes these sort of products end up all over my face! But success! It didn't go all over my face and it ended up on my lashes. Furthermore this product did deliver in terms of length and no clumps (yesss finally a mascara which doesn't clump!) and I've also found that it doesn't flake off throughout the day as much as my other mascaras. I love this kind of wand which is curved (like an hourglass) so it adds more product on your inner and outer lashes, this makes the eye appear much wider than it actually is. However one thing that has been bugging me about this mascara is that it is a mascara aimed at adding volume to your lashes, I don't think that it really delivers in this aspect, personally I would say that this mascara lengthens more than adding volume. Saying that I do actually prefer mascaras that lengthen (because my lashes aren't the longest in the world), but when I do want my lashes to appear thicker I add some Rimmel Day 2 Night over the top.

Beth xxx

9 February 2013

Review | Studio Lash IncrediBALL - Miss Sporty

I've been trying out some new mascaras recently and I saw that this one was on offer at my Boots store for only £1.99. Thinking it may be a good back up if I lost a good mascara or for travel, I was overwhelmed when I realised it was rather good! Okay I know it isn't the best mascara in the world  (not the best brand either) but it was worth a shot.
I know I didn't take a picture of the applicator but it's basically just a normal plastic wand with a spiky ball on the end (hehe) it shows you a little picture of it on the bottle anyway...bottle? I don't really know what you's call it...tube perhaps?
As you can see it's a little clumpy on the lashes but not a lot, it hasn't clumped up in the tube thing either yet which is always good (i've has this for about a week) and the formula isn't too wet so it's okay to use on the bottom lashes too.

So there you go I hoped you found this helpful!
Bethan xxx

28 January 2013

Review | New MUA pro-brow kit

I was in Superdrug the other day wanting a new brow kit, I picked up the "Look" kit after hearing such good reviews, but as I approached the counter my eyes stumbled upon MUA's new pro-brow kit for £2.50, and as it is significantly cheaper than Look's kit I thought I'd give it a go. It comes with 3 colours, a wax, an angled brush (which is actually okay to use) and a little pair of shoddy tweezers. I tried using the tweezers but they are really bad! so I just use my Boots Essentials ones, they get the job done. As for the shade in this kit I am the darkest one, it doesn't exactly cover people with black eyebrows but I would say it is good for people with light blonde - ashy shades of dark brown. As for the colours they are sort of an eyeshadowy texture, very powdery but they do "stick" to the brow, I think the wax is quite good to for the price I payed. For the palette as I whole I would say that it is deffo worth checking out, even though I must say I wish I bought the Look one too because of the amount of stuff you get in it. Tell me what you think :)
Bethan xxx 

My naked brow (ooooohh hehe)

My brows after I used the kit, admittedly the quality of this is a bit crap but you get the jist. 

14 January 2013

I hate snow!

Yes I will admit it is rather rare but I despise snow! I don't get how people like it, it's cold, wet, freezing and cold!
But despise this I do like the way it looks, sledging is also fun but after I fall off and get a lump of snow down my neck it suddenly looses its appeal.

Anyway I took a couple of pretty pictures of the snow today woo! (and yes of course I've added filters!)

1 January 2013

Looking back on 2012 in pictures

Pan shot of Iceland. It's amazing there.

Nice note and change from my waiter awwah.


Wicked at Apollo Victoria in London.

One of my favourite places in central London

Visiting the Corrie Set.

The lake district.

A tree growing through a rock in the Lake District.

My kitty looking uncomfortable in a tissue box.

Sixth form charity week.

Blue Lagoon - Iceland

Planking on the two tectonic plates in Iceland. 

Geyser in Iceland

Volcano with a crater lake.

Huge waterfall in Iceland

Travelling up the glacier.

View at the top of the glacier.

Prime minister of Iceland's house.

My Easter egg haha.

First BBQ of the summer

My good friend The Sloth. 
Some pretty flowers.

Stefan Abingdon followed me!


Deer at Bridlington.

I met a Dalek at Manchester BBC studios.

I went wading in a river.

Oh Christmas tree OH CHRISTMAS TREE.

What a better way to end this post than with a walrus impression.


31 December 2012

Personal | New Year's Resolutions

So here we go! these probably won't get done but oh well:

1) Try to think optimistically instead of pessimistically.
2) Actually revise more for exams instead of procrastinating.
3) Try to tone up and do more exercise for Zante (I know everyone has to have some sort of health related resolution). 
4) Drink less fizzy drinks and more water.
5) Get a hobby and stick to it.
6) Find out what you really want to do in the future and do a little to make it come true.
7) Read all of the books stored on my Kindle.

I wish you all the very best 2013! 
Bethan xxx