28 January 2013

Review | New MUA pro-brow kit

I was in Superdrug the other day wanting a new brow kit, I picked up the "Look" kit after hearing such good reviews, but as I approached the counter my eyes stumbled upon MUA's new pro-brow kit for £2.50, and as it is significantly cheaper than Look's kit I thought I'd give it a go. It comes with 3 colours, a wax, an angled brush (which is actually okay to use) and a little pair of shoddy tweezers. I tried using the tweezers but they are really bad! so I just use my Boots Essentials ones, they get the job done. As for the shade in this kit I am the darkest one, it doesn't exactly cover people with black eyebrows but I would say it is good for people with light blonde - ashy shades of dark brown. As for the colours they are sort of an eyeshadowy texture, very powdery but they do "stick" to the brow, I think the wax is quite good to for the price I payed. For the palette as I whole I would say that it is deffo worth checking out, even though I must say I wish I bought the Look one too because of the amount of stuff you get in it. Tell me what you think :)
Bethan xxx 

My naked brow (ooooohh hehe)

My brows after I used the kit, admittedly the quality of this is a bit crap but you get the jist. 

14 January 2013

I hate snow!

Yes I will admit it is rather rare but I despise snow! I don't get how people like it, it's cold, wet, freezing and cold!
But despise this I do like the way it looks, sledging is also fun but after I fall off and get a lump of snow down my neck it suddenly looses its appeal.

Anyway I took a couple of pretty pictures of the snow today woo! (and yes of course I've added filters!)

1 January 2013

Looking back on 2012 in pictures

Pan shot of Iceland. It's amazing there.

Nice note and change from my waiter awwah.


Wicked at Apollo Victoria in London.

One of my favourite places in central London

Visiting the Corrie Set.

The lake district.

A tree growing through a rock in the Lake District.

My kitty looking uncomfortable in a tissue box.

Sixth form charity week.

Blue Lagoon - Iceland

Planking on the two tectonic plates in Iceland. 

Geyser in Iceland

Volcano with a crater lake.

Huge waterfall in Iceland

Travelling up the glacier.

View at the top of the glacier.

Prime minister of Iceland's house.

My Easter egg haha.

First BBQ of the summer

My good friend The Sloth. 
Some pretty flowers.

Stefan Abingdon followed me!


Deer at Bridlington.

I met a Dalek at Manchester BBC studios.

I went wading in a river.

Oh Christmas tree OH CHRISTMAS TREE.

What a better way to end this post than with a walrus impression.