17 November 2012

Review | V05 serum & oomph powder

Howdy partner!
I don't know why but since I recently had my hair cut my hair has been more prone to flyways and frizz :( so I thought i'd try out these as they were on offer at Boots (any 2 V05 products for £5).

I have mixed feelings about these products, but I've only been using them for a week so my feelings towards them may change. I like the fact that the serum is also a heat protector, so it is a very good product to use before you blow dry, I also use it as a finishing touch. You only need a little bit though otherwise it'll make your hair greasy.

All the reviews about the oomph powder that I have read seemed to be positive towards the product. Even though it does do the job and give my hair more volume, it leaves a weird texture on my hair.  didn't know it was possible to make my hair dry/sticky/greasy at the same time.

Anyway time for the before and after shots



If i was to recommend to you which of these two products to use i's suggest you use the serum as it made my hair shiny and silky smooth, with no flyways!

I hoped you all likey!
Bethan xxx


  1. Your fringe is stunning :)

    Lovely blog!

    Kim x