31 December 2012

Personal | New Year's Resolutions

So here we go! these probably won't get done but oh well:

1) Try to think optimistically instead of pessimistically.
2) Actually revise more for exams instead of procrastinating.
3) Try to tone up and do more exercise for Zante (I know everyone has to have some sort of health related resolution). 
4) Drink less fizzy drinks and more water.
5) Get a hobby and stick to it.
6) Find out what you really want to do in the future and do a little to make it come true.
7) Read all of the books stored on my Kindle.

I wish you all the very best 2013! 
Bethan xxx

29 December 2012

Favourites | My top 3 Sleek products

My top 3 Sleek products:

Storm i-divine palette - Reviewed by many but honestly this is my favourite palette at the moment, and it can be used as a dupe to the Naked palette. It contains 2 matte shades and the rest vary in shimmer, but i just cover the shimmer with a little bit of a matte shade.

Glossed in Whisper - I rarely wear lipgloss but when I do I wear this on top of a light pink lipliner, it looks so cute.

Glo in Bronze Baby - Perfect for both bronzing and highlighting but I wish I got the lighter shade (Peach Shimmer) as i'm very pale.

Bethan xxx

13 December 2012

Christmas | Favourite Christmas films.

Another post about my favourite Christmas films!
(Can I just say I find it really annoying how my spell check keeps on changing favourite to favorite! Stoopid American English)

From Left to Right:

I also have another couple of films that I couldn't find (someone must have "borrowed" them) which are:

Also there are loads of Christmas films on offer for like £3/£5 at Tesco and HMV encase any tickle your fancy!

Merry Christmas!

11 December 2012

Christmas | General films I like to watch.


This is the first of two posts.

These are the films that aren't exactly Christmassy but I like to watch them anyway (:

From top to bottom:

Other films that I couldn't find the physical copy of:

8 December 2012

Beauty back in time | 1960's


Ahhh the Swinging Sixties! Time for the child within to stand out from the crowd with huge dough doll eyes, and nude glossy lips. Twiggy was and still is a true icon, her classic Vogue style bottom lashes certainly made an impact on the beauty industry! To achieve this took I only applied a little foundation because freckles were highly thought of in the 1960's (even if you can't see them in these pictures). Applied a pastel (blue) colour all over the lid, winged out liquid eyeliner and added classic Twiggy bottom lashes with the same liquid liner, and for lips I did concealer lips (that i'm usually against by the way) and added a clear gloss over the top. If your brows are on show (mine aren't because of my fringe) then only fill them in a little. 

7 December 2012

Beauty back in time | 1940's

Rita Hayworth

WW2 time and this was when it was all about the lip. Makeup was in short supply so women used boot polish as mascara and rubbed used tea bags on their legs as stockings. However in tough times Rita Hayworth still found time to look glamorous and became an inspiration to many women. For this look you basically need a dark brow, matte skin and a bold lip :) I also added half lashes for that "Hollywood glamour". 

6 December 2012

Empties | December

From top left to right
1) Simple baby moisurising wipes (80) These are a regular purchase of mine, I always get them as part of taking my make up off routine because I have sensitive skin I did a mini review on these
2) Insette clubbers extra hold hairspray (265ml) First time i've tried this hairspray and I love it, it reminds me of the one my grandma uses for her perm.
3) Morrisons 24 hour hairspray firm hold (300ml) Only got this because I was desperate and I can't say I like it at all. It made my hair all sticky and ewwww.
4) Batiste dry shampoo in tropical (400ml) Best dry shampoo ever! The tropical scent is my favorite because I think blush smells like old lady. (Good for hairspray bad for dry shampoo).
5) Natural Collection body mist in mango (150ml) This smells AMAZING probably because I love mango, it lasted a while too.
6) Soap and Glory girlio body moisturising mist (100ml) In S&G classic Pink scent which I love, the only problem is the scent didn't last long. It was moisturising though.
7) Impulse very pink body spray (75ml) My "signature scent" if you will. I always repurchase this because it smells amazing!
8) Maxfactor colour adapt foundation in shade 40 (34ml) See my review on this.


3 December 2012

Christmas | Candles

Hello sassy people of the internet! As Christmas is upon us it's time to get in the spirit of things, but I like some people need a little kick up the backside to feel the slightest ounce of Christmas cheer. Candles are a good way for me to feel all snug and cheerful in the long cold winder nights. I have two favorites this year!

The first is a Yankee Candle (a favorite by most) and it's called Christmas Tree. In my house we've stopped buying real trees because of the extortionate amount they cost, so instead we have a fake one that we bring out every year. However one thing we do miss about real trees in the smell, this candle makes the room not only gives our living room the lovely pine smell but it also has those longed for spicy Christmassy sents.

The second is a cheap alternative to Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie as it's just a plain French Vanilla sent, I bought this just from an outlet store, it isn't a big branded candle but one thing that I do like about it is that it is made from soy wax. Soy wax is a personal favorite of mine because it burns longer and doesn't make the jar go all sooty after the candle has been blown out.

Stay tuned for a Christmas film post!

Bethan xxxx

1 December 2012


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmasss.
Thought I'd share a few Christmassy things with y'all :) I've literally just finished the tree so it has achieved a fabulous scale of tackyness and looks like Father Christmas has vomited on it haha.

This is my family's tree :D aww it's so cute, all the decorations are so unique too and there HAS to be an angel at the top, i'm not a big fan of stars.
Oh and you can see my DVD collection and the portrait of me haha.

My little Robin red breast chilling out on one of the branches of my tree, behind him is a light up snowman decoration from Switzerland. 

12 days of Christmas decorations have to be my favorites, they're so pretty :D

Hehehe a little cat I made when I was about 7, it's always been on the three because of the memories :)

Awww little snowman :) he was only 99p and I felt sorry for him. On the top right is another decoration from Switzerland, 

Who likes my advent calender? It's so cute and old fashioned :')

1st of December door opened yayyyy :D the choccy was yummy too!

I hope you all are having a fabby Christmassy time :)
Bethan xxx