30 October 2011

What's in my bag/purse?

I've always enjoy reading these blogs and watching them on Youtube so I figured I would do my own for you all :)
My bag is an orange satchel from Dorothy Perkins and I love it because its so bright.

I'm just going to pull things randomly from it, at the top of my bag is my purse which I have recently bought from Peacocks and it was £6. I love big purses :)

This is what's inside...not that it's of any interest.

I don't carry much make up with me because I never really have the time to redo it, so I only have a hairbrush, lip gloss from Maybelline and a lipstick from Natural Collection. I have a lipgloss case as well which I got on holiday.

and because I smell I always carry around bodysprays with me. At the moment I have Impulse New York fro the city collection, and Natural Collections body spray in Vanilla

This is my cute umbrella with cup cakes on...well living in England you need an umbrella on you at all times! 

I'm always taking notes at making lists about pointless things so this is my notebook and pen I have, the notebook was from WH Smiths a while ago

Now everything is out of my bag...apart from the usual stuff everyone has at the bottom of their bag, I have loads of bus tickets, receipts and perfume testers. 

20 October 2011

Tutorial: Midnight Nails

Everybody does their own versions of this kind of style of nail, but they all look too complicated, mixing colours etc. so I've done a really simple one for y'all :)

This is what I used.

First of all I applied a clear coat of nail varnish to stop the dark one from staining my nails. I used Natural Collection's Crystal Clear.
Oh and I never have long perfect nails. This is about as good as it gets :)

Then Two coats of Ciate Paint Pots Wait Until Dark next my nails look like this. 

Finally I used a glitter top coat. I used this cheap one which I've for ages because I'm so original and quirky like that (jokes)
The glitter looks like stars :3

Without flash.

With Flash.

P.S I just want to apologise about the camera quality because I got a new digital camera and no jokes but...my camera phone is better. I wouldn't recommend the Nikon Coolpix for anyone...
unless you like rubbish picture quality. 

8 October 2011

Review: Maxfactor colour adapt foundation.

So, I went to get a foundation a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stray from my usual Bourjois healthy mix foundation and try something new. I bought Maxfactor colour adapt instead which was £10 on offer in boots (the same price as my usual foundation') and it does a very good job of adapting to my skin tone. When I first apply it it is quite pale but by the time I have done my eye make up it looks very natural. Like i'm not wearing any make-up at all. 

For coverage I would say it is light but you can build up a very good coverage with it. But I mix it with my Miss Sporty so clear foundation (in light) to stop redness and adds a bit more colour to my skin as this Maxfactor one doesn't really give me any colour (because i'm really pale).

So here is a (poor) swatch for you.

2 October 2011

Review: Maxfactor false lash effect fusion

I bought this mascara hoping it would be better than the original ''Maxfactor False Lash Effect'' which I got about three months ago. I found that the mascara applied easier but the result was kind of the same. They are both very good mascaras, they don't clump and if applied carefully and take a long time with it then it does look like you are wearing false lashes. The mascara - even though mine isn't waterproof - stays put all day and doesn't smudge. 
(with eyeliner)

Overall I would recommend this product if you have the money; if you don't happen to have £12.99 then I would say try Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara for £4.99.