19 November 2012

Review | Maybelline Vs Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners

Oh heyyyy! 
Just a little review to show you all my thoughts on both the Maybelline (black) and Bobbi Brown (black ink) gel eye liners because I know some people who don't know whether it is worth the money to move from Maybelline to Bobbi Brown 

The price difference of these two products isn't too extensive, the Maybelline is £7.99 at Boots and on the Bobbi Brown website/Debenhams for the Bobbi Brown eyeliner it's £17.00. However the Maybelliene one does come with a brush which - in my opinion - is a great brush for what you pay for. I actually still use it at times to apply either the Maybelline or Bobbi Brown.

The swatches below show the Maybelline on the top and the Bobbi Brown on the bottom.
As you can see the BB has a higher pigmentation and glides evenly (I used the same brush for both swatches) where as the M is a bit blotchy which means you need to use more product to get the desired result you want. So I believe you get more for your money if you buy the BB eyeliner.

Staying power is essential when buying an eyeliner and I have to say both of them are very very good. However the Maybelline goes a little faded over the time where as the BB doesn't, also the M sometimes drys a little clumpy where as the BB drys smooth.

Overall I would say it depends what kind of budget you are on or if you are new to gel eyeliner. If you are new to gel eyeliner then I would defiantly recommend you buy the Maybelline because it isn't too much money and it comes with a brush. But if you already have the Maybelline and want to try something new then I would 100% recommend the Bobbi Brown because it is worth the money and is better than the Maybelline one.

Bethan xxx

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