7 November 2012

I know i'm not posting much but I have my reasons...

Howdy partner!

So I really haven't been on my blog much recently, but as per usual I've just got way too much school work on my plate. If you didn't know I am in the process of doing 3 A2 levels, I'm completing my Geography, English Language and Psychology so I can hopefully go to university to do Geography (hopefully I'll turn out like Fleur De Force).

Anyway I'm just not really feeling motivated to write on here plainly for the reason that I feel that nobody is really looking at my blog and encouraging me to go further with it. Hopefully sometime soon i'll get my motivation back :)

I new post will be up very shortly!

Bethan xxxx

1 comment:

  1. good luck with your A2 levels!
    ah you must really be smart.. i didn't even complete AS psychology! oops. x