29 September 2011

Haul: Sun in september

apologies for the picture quality. I had to use my phone camera because my digital camera is undergoing repair :) xxx 

T-shirt - Primark £3
High waisted denim shorts - New look £25
Dolly bow - Primark £1.50
Pumps - New look £8
Birdcage necklace - Primark £2
Leaf ring - Primark £1.50
Watch - Lorus £35
Sunglasses - Gok Wan £150

27 September 2011

Haul: Love for snake print...

So here it is.

I bought a pair of snake skin ballet pumps about three years ago and didn't really think much of them. I just threw them on a plain outfit to ''jazz'' it up a bit. But a few weeks before the big trend of snake skin emerged i found my absolute LOVE for snake skin. I mean I like leopard print; I only like and not love it because it is sometimes associated with...i'll put it blunt. Chavs'n'Slags. But I just don't understand how some people can wear it and look lovely. Maybe it just doesn't suit me that much...

ANYWAY (i'm rambling) these snake skin pump's sole came apart *sad face* so I just had  to buy some new ones *happy face* so I got these from New Look for £8 (I didn't get them for the full price because I had a £5 off voucher teehee) and they are way better than my others-mainly because they have a little black bow on the from but yanoo.

Next up on my snake skin print craze - almost anyway - I needed some new glasses so I got some with a frame which is beautiful (and snake skin) they are by Red or Dead and cost about £150....I think. And a Dolly Bow from Primark which was £1.50, which I am wearing as a turban on my picture :) 

Review: nails inc. Shoreditch

I always have to wear nail varnish, I personally think my nails look really weird without any on. My favourite at the moment is called ''Shoreditch'' by nails inc.

The colour is just a really bright, hot pink. I can't really stand dull musky colours on fingernails; They are best suited for toenails in my opinion. The nail varnish dries to a lovely shiny look and brightens up any outfit, i recently wore this with a pair of faded-pink skinny jeans and it looked  fabulous. 

Downsides to this product that I would say are that for its price (£11 RRP), the nail varnish doesn't stay on for a very long period at all! I applied it on a Monday and by Tuesday a bit of nail varnish had chipped off nearly every nail. Even with a top coat! 

My advice would be that if you want to try out this product to buy the 4ml version for £5. To be honest who uses up nail varnishes anyway?

26 September 2011

welcome to my wee little blog, which I hope wont be too wee very soon. I am all new to this blogging thing and I am too scardy cat to make youtube videos so I thought I would give this a go.

I have absolutly no idea what to do with this so bare with me, I also have no followers so it would be appreciated if you would subscribe to me if you like my blog (which you will!).

I like fashion (as you may or may not have guessed) and if im not blogging about that I will rave about how interesting *cough* my life is at the moment.

Thats s'about it for the time being so...enjoy this...

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