21 July 2012

Bargain | Bio Oil dupe

Hello my lovelies!
I have a bargain for all you frugal followers, I bought this from non other but Poundland! I usually go in to get stationary but I ended up buying this, I have used Bio Oil in the past and have liked it but i decided to try out this at a 8th of the cost (ish). 

I am currently half way though the bottle and i must admit, a few scars from spots have gone! I must admit I don't think it will work as well as big ass scars from operations or stretch marks, I think Bio Oil will probably be best for that. But to get a more even complexion I defiantly recommend it and I will be re-purchasing this fo sho!

How I use it is I apply a fair amount to my face before I go to bed (like night cream), plus an added extra of this is that I don't have to moisturize in the morning!

Review | MUA lip boom

Hello my lovelies!
First of all I should apologize for the fact that I have been away (again) for quite a while. I have been doing my AS levels (and recovering from them).
So as it is the "summer" holidays I will be doing more blog posts yayyyyyy :D

I went for a browse around MUA today at meadowhall and I found this "Lip Boom" product that I have never seen before, it is designed by Burke (Alexandra) and I LOVE it.

It comes in at £3 which is good considering you can get 4 looks out of it
- sheer
- bold
- gloss
- gloss over the lipstick

The lipstick sold it for me anyway because I haven't seen it before, the lipstick colour is called "It's a situation" and it is a vampy/dark red. Which I am surprised to see actually suits me, reds never suit me. I don't think the gloss has a name but it is just a pale, glittery pink which highlights the lips when it is applied over the top (giving an illusion that they are bigger).

apologies for the bad lighting but it'll make do

with flash

without flash

sorry for the bad picture, it was impossible to take.

swatch with flash

without flash