9 February 2013

Review | Studio Lash IncrediBALL - Miss Sporty

I've been trying out some new mascaras recently and I saw that this one was on offer at my Boots store for only £1.99. Thinking it may be a good back up if I lost a good mascara or for travel, I was overwhelmed when I realised it was rather good! Okay I know it isn't the best mascara in the world  (not the best brand either) but it was worth a shot.
I know I didn't take a picture of the applicator but it's basically just a normal plastic wand with a spiky ball on the end (hehe) it shows you a little picture of it on the bottle anyway...bottle? I don't really know what you's call it...tube perhaps?
As you can see it's a little clumpy on the lashes but not a lot, it hasn't clumped up in the tube thing either yet which is always good (i've has this for about a week) and the formula isn't too wet so it's okay to use on the bottom lashes too.

So there you go I hoped you found this helpful!
Bethan xxx