15 November 2012

Beauty back in time | 1930's

Oh hey there sassies!
Another series here for you, I'll be doing looks from the 1930's to the 1970's wooohooo!

This is how I achieved this look: 

Marlene Dietrich 

Face - Prime your skin, add a foundation that matches your skin, or go for one a little lighter, conceal areas of redness and dust a light powder on top. Add a little bit of bronzer to your contour area and a little pink toned blush to your apples.

Lips - Use a lip pencil to curve the arch of your cupid's bow area more than it is already. Then cover up your lip liner with a lighter, softer red.

Eyes - Prime your eyes and cover the lid and below the brow bone with a gold/champagne colour. Then stroke a neutral brown colour eyeshadow slightly above the lid in the socket, but don't blend too high up to the brow bone because you want to keep a "drowsy eyed" look. Brush a little (gel) eyeliner above the top line of lashes and finish with a lengthening mascara.    

Hope you enjoyed! Bethan xxx


  1. You are just so pretty, I love your hair and your makeup :)

    Please check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




    1. awww thank you lovely :) yeah i'll be sure to check it out