20 May 2012

Budget sunnys!

So your probably familiar with Primark's cheapo sunglasses what you can just buy for a couple of quid and throw in your bag?
But if you still prefer sunglasses on a tight budget but want them to look good (high quality good not £3 Primark good) then I highly recommend getting your asses onto Ebay; I discovered some good finds whilst browsing so I thought i'd do a post.

I've found a couple of pairs that are plain-ish in design but would be much more of a higher quality then most high street cheap brands! These are some tortoise shell style ones (below) and, these are a pair with kind of the same design but plain black.

As you're all probably well aware round style vintage sunglasses are going to be big this 'summer' so check out these original 1980's, 1930/40's style bad boys! at a price of £9 you can't go wrong! check them out here.
Plus if you like the Ozzy Osbourne style of sunnys with coloured lenses check out these. They come in yellow, brown, red and green!

Still loving the vintage look but want to be a bit more original that round sunnies? Try out some cat eyes! These are quoted as "high quality retro sunglasses" and they really do look the part, i'll be getting some of these in for a summer BBQ. I've also found another pair here if you fancy a comparison.

I'm in love with the swirly arms of these sunglasses, with being big, round and OTT they will most defiantly be a  pair of head turners!  

I hope people have found this post helpful and has help you get ready for summer days out!


  1. Haha, I need some sunglasses, but haven't bought any yet as I've lost all hope Summer will ever come to the UK.... :P

    Just followed you!!


  2. ahahaa yeah It look like we've already had our week of summer this year :P I've followed back! :)