20 October 2011

Tutorial: Midnight Nails

Everybody does their own versions of this kind of style of nail, but they all look too complicated, mixing colours etc. so I've done a really simple one for y'all :)

This is what I used.

First of all I applied a clear coat of nail varnish to stop the dark one from staining my nails. I used Natural Collection's Crystal Clear.
Oh and I never have long perfect nails. This is about as good as it gets :)

Then Two coats of Ciate Paint Pots Wait Until Dark next my nails look like this. 

Finally I used a glitter top coat. I used this cheap one which I've for ages because I'm so original and quirky like that (jokes)
The glitter looks like stars :3

Without flash.

With Flash.

P.S I just want to apologise about the camera quality because I got a new digital camera and no jokes but...my camera phone is better. I wouldn't recommend the Nikon Coolpix for anyone...
unless you like rubbish picture quality. 

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