17 April 2012

REVIEW: Graze box!

Hello there my lovelys!
I'm sure many of you have read over and over the same reviews of beauty boxes? Well I decided to do something different for my other love. Food.
This is a "graze" nibble box, the "graze" team select different kinds of foods which you have rated on the website so you know you'll like the foods they select.

On the website you can also tell them when and when not to send the box e.g send one for a family member for a special occasion or delay the box if you're going on holiday. Or if you want to cancel your box this is also on the website. 

When you open your box two little booklets await you. The first is a "welcome" booklet which basically just describes the content of the box and the nutritional information. Your second booklet is a "hello" booklet which introduces you to the box. All these tasty snacks come in little - plastic covered - snack pots (my personal favorite are the Japanese rice crackers). 

 ALSO! when you get your first box you are given 4 coupons for your friends/ family to receive a free box!

  This is what the box looks like when first opened (admittedly not as pretty as a glossy box) but all the materials it's made out of are recycled!
From top left to bottom right: Rock the casbah, Very nori-sh,  Tropical daiquiri, Summer berry flapjack

Rock the casbah: pumpkin seeds, walnuts and dates
Very nori-sh: Japanese rice crackers with nori seaweed
Tropical daiquiri: sour mango, lime sultanas and pineapple
Summer berry flapjack: rustic flapjack with berry infused cramberries.

so if this sounds appealing to you check them out?

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