8 October 2011

Review: Maxfactor colour adapt foundation.

So, I went to get a foundation a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stray from my usual Bourjois healthy mix foundation and try something new. I bought Maxfactor colour adapt instead which was £10 on offer in boots (the same price as my usual foundation') and it does a very good job of adapting to my skin tone. When I first apply it it is quite pale but by the time I have done my eye make up it looks very natural. Like i'm not wearing any make-up at all. 

For coverage I would say it is light but you can build up a very good coverage with it. But I mix it with my Miss Sporty so clear foundation (in light) to stop redness and adds a bit more colour to my skin as this Maxfactor one doesn't really give me any colour (because i'm really pale).

So here is a (poor) swatch for you.


  1. I might try this foundation next! Sounds good!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. this looks like a pretty good find, I may have to give it a try! Loving your little blog btw xxx