1 December 2012


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmasss.
Thought I'd share a few Christmassy things with y'all :) I've literally just finished the tree so it has achieved a fabulous scale of tackyness and looks like Father Christmas has vomited on it haha.

This is my family's tree :D aww it's so cute, all the decorations are so unique too and there HAS to be an angel at the top, i'm not a big fan of stars.
Oh and you can see my DVD collection and the portrait of me haha.

My little Robin red breast chilling out on one of the branches of my tree, behind him is a light up snowman decoration from Switzerland. 

12 days of Christmas decorations have to be my favorites, they're so pretty :D

Hehehe a little cat I made when I was about 7, it's always been on the three because of the memories :)

Awww little snowman :) he was only 99p and I felt sorry for him. On the top right is another decoration from Switzerland, 

Who likes my advent calender? It's so cute and old fashioned :')

1st of December door opened yayyyy :D the choccy was yummy too!

I hope you all are having a fabby Christmassy time :)
Bethan xxx

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