6 December 2012

Empties | December

From top left to right
1) Simple baby moisurising wipes (80) These are a regular purchase of mine, I always get them as part of taking my make up off routine because I have sensitive skin I did a mini review on these
2) Insette clubbers extra hold hairspray (265ml) First time i've tried this hairspray and I love it, it reminds me of the one my grandma uses for her perm.
3) Morrisons 24 hour hairspray firm hold (300ml) Only got this because I was desperate and I can't say I like it at all. It made my hair all sticky and ewwww.
4) Batiste dry shampoo in tropical (400ml) Best dry shampoo ever! The tropical scent is my favorite because I think blush smells like old lady. (Good for hairspray bad for dry shampoo).
5) Natural Collection body mist in mango (150ml) This smells AMAZING probably because I love mango, it lasted a while too.
6) Soap and Glory girlio body moisturising mist (100ml) In S&G classic Pink scent which I love, the only problem is the scent didn't last long. It was moisturising though.
7) Impulse very pink body spray (75ml) My "signature scent" if you will. I always repurchase this because it smells amazing!
8) Maxfactor colour adapt foundation in shade 40 (34ml) See my review on this.


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