8 December 2012

Beauty back in time | 1960's


Ahhh the Swinging Sixties! Time for the child within to stand out from the crowd with huge dough doll eyes, and nude glossy lips. Twiggy was and still is a true icon, her classic Vogue style bottom lashes certainly made an impact on the beauty industry! To achieve this took I only applied a little foundation because freckles were highly thought of in the 1960's (even if you can't see them in these pictures). Applied a pastel (blue) colour all over the lid, winged out liquid eyeliner and added classic Twiggy bottom lashes with the same liquid liner, and for lips I did concealer lips (that i'm usually against by the way) and added a clear gloss over the top. If your brows are on show (mine aren't because of my fringe) then only fill them in a little. 

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