28 January 2013

Review | New MUA pro-brow kit

I was in Superdrug the other day wanting a new brow kit, I picked up the "Look" kit after hearing such good reviews, but as I approached the counter my eyes stumbled upon MUA's new pro-brow kit for £2.50, and as it is significantly cheaper than Look's kit I thought I'd give it a go. It comes with 3 colours, a wax, an angled brush (which is actually okay to use) and a little pair of shoddy tweezers. I tried using the tweezers but they are really bad! so I just use my Boots Essentials ones, they get the job done. As for the shade in this kit I am the darkest one, it doesn't exactly cover people with black eyebrows but I would say it is good for people with light blonde - ashy shades of dark brown. As for the colours they are sort of an eyeshadowy texture, very powdery but they do "stick" to the brow, I think the wax is quite good to for the price I payed. For the palette as I whole I would say that it is deffo worth checking out, even though I must say I wish I bought the Look one too because of the amount of stuff you get in it. Tell me what you think :)
Bethan xxx 

My naked brow (ooooohh hehe)

My brows after I used the kit, admittedly the quality of this is a bit crap but you get the jist. 

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