1 January 2013

Looking back on 2012 in pictures

Pan shot of Iceland. It's amazing there.

Nice note and change from my waiter awwah.


Wicked at Apollo Victoria in London.

One of my favourite places in central London

Visiting the Corrie Set.

The lake district.

A tree growing through a rock in the Lake District.

My kitty looking uncomfortable in a tissue box.

Sixth form charity week.

Blue Lagoon - Iceland

Planking on the two tectonic plates in Iceland. 

Geyser in Iceland

Volcano with a crater lake.

Huge waterfall in Iceland

Travelling up the glacier.

View at the top of the glacier.

Prime minister of Iceland's house.

My Easter egg haha.

First BBQ of the summer

My good friend The Sloth. 
Some pretty flowers.

Stefan Abingdon followed me!


Deer at Bridlington.

I met a Dalek at Manchester BBC studios.

I went wading in a river.

Oh Christmas tree OH CHRISTMAS TREE.

What a better way to end this post than with a walrus impression.


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