11 May 2012

My favorite wipes for removing make up.

Hello my lovelys!
I just thought i'd do a quick post to tell you what make up wipes I use to remove some of my make up (If I can't to cleanse and faff around at night). A majority of people I know buy just 20 packs of any bog standard make up wipe which I have noticed cost an absolute bomb of up to £5 for what you get! 
So I just thought I'd let you guys know what wipes I use. I actually use baby wipes for three reasons:
1) I have very sensitive skin and baby wiped are developed to be kind to skin.
2) They cost £2.48 at Tesco, which comes to 3p a wipe!
3) You get 80 wipes in a pack which Is basically buying 4 packs of make up wipes (which would come to around £40)
These are basically my favorite cheap alternative, if i'm using waterproof mascara etc I will alternate to an actual brand of make up wipe.

So here we are! the Simple Baby Wipes!

Oh and I just thought  I'd let you know that this is my 5th pack and they have never broke me out!

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