27 November 2011

Haul: Peacocks, H&M, New look and Republic

Small haul here for you guys, I went shopping because I needed to update my wardrobe with some autumn colours etc...

Thick Cardigan (£28) - (navy blue and white) from Peacocks and is from the mens section for about £28 (I can't remember the original price as I get student discount) I cannot even begin how to describe how warm and cosy this is! The pattern is cute and christmassy, oh and lets face it. men's clothes are sometimes wayyy better than ours!  

Thin Cardigan (£10) and Body Con Skirt (£4) - from H&M they are from the "basics" range. I got them in navy because I am having a slight obsession with that colour at the moment and it is really on trend. (also Kate Middleton wears A LOT of navy blue)

Lace top (£15) - IS BEAUTIFUL and from New Look, burgundy is a lovely colour and is really on trend at the moment (colour of dead leaves and all the jazz). That and I don't really have any lace tops, mainly because I am really clumsy so I end up pulling them and ripping them ect.

Jeans (£40) - well I think they are £40 I got these quite a while ago but I added them in this haul because they are still in store. They are from Republic and are a gorgeous cotton candy pink colour, I like coloured denim but I think bright red and blue are a bit too ''in your face". If you want to but defiantly try them on first because I needed a size bigger because of the "super skinny"ness .

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